Our Story

EasyRedir is laser-focused on providing the best URL redirection as-a-service product available today. We are a small but dedicated team that prides ourselves in delivering a unique, innovative solution to a very real challenge many organizations have. We accomplish this through building a razor sharp product and backing that up with world-class customer service.

This Role

We are seeking an experienced financial controller to join our growing team. Your primary responsibilities will be to ensure our customers are paying, our bills are paid, and our growth is financially sustainable. Additionally, all EasyRedir staff support our customers and work to ensure they get incredible support. This role reports directly to the CEO.

Skills and Qualifications

  • At least 5 years experience in startup finance
  • Capable of operating in both a strategic and tactical way - you need to dream and execute
  • An insatiable curiosity about how and why things work and is empathetic towards team members and customers
  • Excellent written and verbal communications skills with a proficiency in business-oriented English
  • A proven focus on continuous improvement through measuring results and iterating on tactics
  • A desire to work with a small and energetic startup where you pitch in to help with everything

Key Responsibilities

  • Ensure our books are up-to-date and reconciled so that we understand our financial position at all times
  • Work with sales team to ensure our customers are being invoiced and those invoices are being paid
  • Pay our vendors according to our commitments
  • Work with the CEO to build and develop cashflow forecasts to aid growth planning
  • Explore and leverage financial opportunities such as tax credits, grants, loans and others as appropriate
  • Ensure our payroll is submitted on time and that source deductions are appropriately collected and remitted
  • Prepare and file GST returns as required
  • Liaise with our accounting firm to prepare and file annual tax returns
  • Calculate GAAP compliant revenue recognition schedules

Perks & Benefits

  • Operate with a high degree of autonomy and ownership over your work
  • We are very flexible with work schedules and are very results-oriented
  • We offer a very inclusive work environment and encourage women, LGBTQ+ and all open-minded people to apply

How to Apply

  • Send us an email using the button below
  • In your email, please include your resume and/or LinkedIn profile, and tell us a bit about:
    • Where can we find you online? LinkedIn? Twitter? Have you written anything you’d like us to read?
    • What are you reading these days? How do you keep your skills fresh?
    • Tell us about a project you’re particularly proud of.
    • Tell us about an experience where you failed to reach a goal.
    • Have you ever experienced any issues/problems with URL redirection before? Tell us about it.

Sound interesting? Let's have a chat.

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