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About Berlitz

In 1870 Maximilian Berlitz took an opportunity to give language lessons in the United States. Initially focusing on delivering language lessons for travelers and individual learners, Berlitz has evolved to help students, businesses, and governments. Helping them all embrace language as the key to communication, connection and cultural understanding. Berlitz and EasyRedir’s partnership has enabled efficiencies across their many business units globally and led to seamless management of thousands of permanent, secure redirects.

The Challenge

Berlitz needed to restructure their websites on a global scale and wanted to be able to manage redirects in one centralized location. From the Americas to Europe and Asia, Berlitz needed to support visitors trying to access thousands of pages that would soon be obsolete.

Berlitz needed to be able to selectively redirect and manage thousands of secure pages to their new site structure. They needed a solution that would support their global site migrations both during the project and long after. The organization had thousands of URLs needing redirection to unique URLs, all of which were cross-domain redirects. Berlitz needed to implement 301 permanent redirects so they could transfer the link equity and maintain their search rankings.

We needed a solution to manage thousands of redirects across all of our global site migrations. EasyRedir made this extremely manageable and we're happy to partner with them.

Esta Pinto Head of Global SEO and Content Marketing, Berlitz Corporation

The Result

By partnering with EasyRedir, Berlitz is now seamlessly managing and measuring the performance of thousands of permanent URL redirects across their global business units. The quick set up of thousands of 301 redirects have allowed Berlitz to transfer and maintain this hard earned SEO value that has accumulated over the years. Esta Pinto, Head of Global SEO and Content Marketing at Berlitz Corporation highlights ‘’EasyRedir has been a really effective solution for our business needs in rolling out so many websites globally!’’

Berlitz found all of their site migrations were made easier thanks to both EasyRedir’s support team and the URL redirection service itself. The organization’s audience is now being redirected to the intended content without any notifications, errors, or lags in communication. Their existing clients and internal staff can also continue to use legacy bookmarks without fail. If it wasn’t for EasyRedir redirecting all of the traffic from these legacy sites, Berlitz’ global audience would have experienced 404, page not found, errors.

With EasyRedir’s analytics, Berlitz can now measure the performance of their redirects including the number of redirects that have been processed per day and month, along with the top 10 referrer domains. EasyRedir’s automatic SSL certificate management also helped eliminate a normally ongoing, repetitive procurement and installation process to keep their sites responding securely. EasyRedir supports Berlitz in enabling secure HTTPS redirects for all of their configured redirects which continues to provide the security that their organization, and audience expects.