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Photo of David Opperman of Eurostar

David Opperman

DevOps Manager, Eurostar
Photo of Sardjono Insani of Mediacorp

Sardjono Insani

AVP Interactive Media Technology, Mediacorp
Photo of Marc Baskin of Cardel Homes

Marc Baskin

Web Developer, Cardel Homes
Photo of Alex Gorischek of Textile Seattle

Alex Gorischek

Technologist, Textile Seattle
Photo of Martyn Baker of VicHealth

Martyn Baker

Manager, ICT & IM, VicHealth
Photo of Ian Uriarte of Timbergrove

Ian Uriarte

Founder and CEO, Timbergrove
Photo of Martin Howell of CareMonkey

Martin Howell

Photo of Marc Voelckel of Print Audit America Latina

Marc Voelckel

Photo of Darby Frey of Belly

Darby Frey

Director of Platform Engineering, Belly
Photo of David Smith of Viverae, Inc.

David Smith

Photo of David English of Nuplex Industries

David English

Senior Network Administrator, Nuplex Industries