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Redirect groups
Redirect groups are collections of up to 1,000 source URLs that point to a single target URL.
Source hostnames
Number of customer provided hostnames that URL redirects can be hosted on.
Team members
Number of users which can be invited to your team.
Monthly traffic included
Soft-limit of requests served per month.
EasyRedir management API
Create, edit or remove your URL redirect configurations using our RESTful JSON-based API.
Global delivery network
Our redirector edge network uses 96 points of presence with Anycast technology to deliver low latencies and high performance globally.
SSL/TLS certificate management
We will automatically protect all your source hostnames with SSL/TLS certificates and renew them 30 days before expiry. On select plans, upload and manage your own certificates.
AutomaticAutomatic & UserAutomatic & User
Automatic & User
QR codes
Generate and download QR codes for all source URLs configured in your account.
IDN hostnames supported
Set up redirects on hostnames using internationalized domain names using non-Latin character sets (e.g. Arabic, Chinese, Cyrillic, Devanagari, Hebrew, etc).
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Redirect ManagementPersonalBusinessTeamEnterprise
301 and 302 redirects
Set up either 301 (permanent) or 302 (temporary) redirects.
Path forwarding
Path forwarding copies the path from the requested URL and appends it to the target URL.
Query parameter forwarding
Query parameter forwarding copies the query parameters from the requested URL and appends them to the target URL.
Change target URL any time
Easily change the target URL of any redirect. It will become effective within seconds.
Make your redirects easier to find, group and organize by adding tags to them.
No match actions
On a per-hostname basis, configure how EasyRedir should respond when we do not find a redirect configuration matching a request.
404, 301 or 302404, 301 or 302404, 301 or 302
404, 301 or 302
Partial path matching
Configure source URL paths that start or end with the text you specify. Eases setup and reduces configuration errors.
Custom 404 page content
On a per-hostname basis, configure custom 404 page content for when requests do not find a matching redirect configuration.
White-glove CSV import
During onboarding, EasyRedir will provide hands-on guidance to help get one complimentary CSV import completed.
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Functionality included
Basic functionality is a fixed overview of the past 30 days of traffic. Detailed functionality includes multiple dimensions, adjustable date ranges and drill-down functionality.
Available history
How far back in time you can look into your analytics data.
Past 30 daysPast 30 daysPast 6 months
Up to 1 year
Reporting period
The number of requests processed is grouped by either day or month periods.
DailyDaily & MonthlyDaily & Monthly
Daily & Monthly
Date selection
Indicates whether the date range for your analytics reports is fixed or can be adjusted by users.
Emailed reports
Receive summary reports about your URL redirect analytics delivered to your inbox on a regular schedule.
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Security & CompliancePersonalBusinessTeamEnterprise
Data encryption at rest/in transit
Encryption is used during every step of our processing and storage of your data.
Account takeover protection
We employ sophisticated account takeover and fraud detection to protect user accounts against malicious activity.
Two-factor authentication
Users can enable two-factor authentication to further protect their accounts against malicious activity.
HSTS on redirects
On a per-hostname basis, enable HTTP Strict Transport Security headers to improve your security posture and meet compliance requirements.
HTTPS upgrade on redirects
On a per-hostname basis, enable HTTPS upgrade to first redirect to a secure HTTPS URL on the requested hostname before continuing further processing.
Prevent foreign embedding
On a per-hostname basis, set HTTP headers to prevent browsers from rendering any content on your hostnames on a different webpage.
SAML single sign-on
Use your own Identity Provider to authenticate your users with EasyRedir.
Account history
View detailed historical audit information about changes to your account.
Custom security assessment
EasyRedir will work with your IT security and procurement teams to complete any required security assessment.
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Onboarding & SupportPersonalBusinessTeamEnterprise
Access to customer support
Our plans have different support capabilities associated with them.
Help CenterChat & EmailVoice, Chat & Email
Available agreement terms
Self-service plans are available on monthly or annual terms. Enterprise plans require at least an annual commitment.
Monthly & AnnualMonthly & AnnualMonthly & Annual
100% uptime SLA guarantee
We guarantee your URL redirect configurations will be processing traffic 100% of the time.
Designated account manager
You will have a designated account manager that you can work with throughout your relationship with EasyRedir.
Custom Terms of Service
During the buying process, we can work with your legal team to negotiate custom Terms of Service.
Invoice billing
Pay bills via invoice, rather than using a credit card.
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Which URLs can I redirect?

You can redirect URLs for any of your domains or subdomains that you can change the DNS records of, and you intend to use that name only for redirects via EasyRedir. Once you set up your DNS to point to EasyRedir, you are free to create any redirects you like.

What are redirects groups and how many do I need?

Each plan has a maximum number of redirect groups that can be configured. A redirect group is a collection of up to 1,000 source URLs that point to a single target URL. The source URLs can be on the same or different hostnames (limited only by the number of source hostnames your plan supports).

What are source hostnames?

Source hostnames are the fully qualified domain names (FQDNs) that you serve redirects on. For example, “” and “” are two different fully qualified domain names. You can host as many source URLs on each hostname as you wish (limited only by the number of redirect groups your plan supports).

Are there any limits on traffic?

Every plan has a soft-limit on the number of redirect requests we’ll process monthly on your behalf. These limits are quite high and most customers never come close to hitting them. If you do, we’ll continue to serve your traffic, but we’ll get in touch to talk about your options.

What is automatic HTTPS protection?

All EasyRedir plans automatically manage SSL certificates for all your source hostnames using Let’s Encrypt®. If you want to manage your own SSL certificates, we support that too.

What's a team member in EasyRedir?

Our Business, Team and Enterprise plans allow you to create accounts for your co-workers to manage your URL redirects. It’s perfect for when you take that long needed vacation.

Do you have a free trial?

Yes! Our 14-day free trial gives you 2 weeks to try EasyRedir and see if we’re the right solution for your needs. Select a plan above and let us know if you have any questions along the way!

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Information Technology

IT teams reduce their workload and increase client satisfaction by implementing EasyRedir for their business partners.

Marketing Teams

We empower marketing teams to redirect and measure traffic from branded domains and links to targeted campaign content.

Creative Agencies

Deliver client projects in less time and with less ongoing maintenance by using EasyRedir to manage customer URL redirection needs.


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