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EasyRedir is the world’s leading URL redirect manager, trusted by the world’s biggest brands to deliver 18B+ secure redirects every year. EasyRedir is the best way for teams to create, manage and analyze all their redirects in one simple dashboard, ensuring your valuable traffic gets to the right destination.

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For media enquiries or to request an interview please contact our media relations team.

Logos and Usage

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Please do these things:

  • Use our logo or logomark to link to EasyRedir
  • Use our logo or logomark in a blog post or news article about EasyRedir
  • Surround the logo on all sides with whitespace equal to the size of the logomark circle
  • Prefer the round logomark unless it does not fit your layout as well as the square version

Please don’t do these things:

  • Modify the EasyRedir logo or logomark in any way
  • Change the colors, dimensions or add your own text/images
  • Use the EasyRedir logotype without including the logomark

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