We needed a service like ours, but couldn’t find it.
So we built it.

Our origin story.

Our team has bought and built enterprise-level services and technologies for years. So when we founded EasyRedir in 2014, we built the company we always wanted to deal with. That meant creating a valuable service, with targeted features, that delivers on its promise for all of our clients, every single day. That’s why we’re the industry’s leading URL redirection service. And why so many smart companies trust us with their critical business infrastructure.

We’re not just a pretty face.

Our leadership team.

William Richards William Richards
Founder & CEO

William Richards

William has over two decades of experience building web-based technology systems, launching and growing tech companies and baking like a lizard under the sun in exotic places. Admittedly, one of these things is not like the others but he is passionate about all three. William’s technology experiences primed him to found EasyRedir in 2014 where he now balances the demands of leading a rapidly growing company with downtime spent at the piano bench, behind a drum kit and behind the lens of a camera as an amateur photographer. But usually not all at the same time.

Sarah Ellis Sarah Ellis
VP Business Development

Sarah Ellis

Sarah is a passionate sales and management leader with deep experience in the start-up, technology, real estate, and music/advertising industries. She’s worked around the globe, including positions in Los Angeles and London, U.K. Sarah also brings entrepreneurial experience to EasyRedir, including time running her own bakery, where she served as both CEO and head chef. Deeply committed to her clients, Sarah is also an unusually charismatic, collaborative and respected leader within the EasyRedir organization. Not just because she’s always bringing amazing baking to the office. But partly because.

Jodi Bagyinka Jodi Bagyinka
VP Finance

Jodi Bagyinka

Jodi is an accounting professional and serial entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience specializing in accounting, finance and operations management, predominantly in the technology sector. Following nearly 7 years at PricewaterhouseCoopers, and over a decade both employed and consulting for multiple high growth start-ups, she heads up finance for EasyRedir. Jodi is also currently the Vice President, Finance & Admin at BlackSquare (Calgary, Canada and Sydney, Australia). Jodi has two cats and they are both unnecessarily but charmingly fluffy.

Wil Knoll Wil Knoll
Director of Site Reliability Engineering

Wil Knoll

Wil has a diverse set of passions across multiple communities. He’s a founding member and former Director for Protospace, Calgary’s original hackerspace, and currently a Co-MC of the BSides Las Vegas, an information security conference. He’s also a Network Communications Consultant for the annual Burning Man festival. Oh, and just to add some colour: Wil is a three time award winning actor. Not that the awards were very prestigious, but they are awards and they are on his acting resume. So, technically it’s true.

We’re always looking for top talent!

Our key partner.

We partner with AWS to deliver for your business.

AWS Select Technology Partner Logo AWS Select Technology Partner Logo

Our partnership with AWS gives us the powerful, scalable technology that enables our industry-leading URL redirection service and ensures we meet our 100% uptime target.

AWS is just the start.

Our network of partners and providers.

Bugsnaq Datadog GitHub Intercom Pagerduty Papertrail Pingdom Statuspage Stripe

How’re we doing?

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