EasyRedir allows me to set up redirects quickly and simply without having to run my own infrastructure. Due to its versatility and wide array of uses I can also centralize all of my redirects into a single place which is great.

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David Opperman DevOps Manager, Eurostar

EasyRedir was incredibly fast to setup when working through SSL apex domain issues on HubSpot for a client. Any support questions or issues were resolved quickly. I would highly recommend them for HubSpot users needing more complex redirects.

Justin Harrison Associate Creative Director, Weidert Group Inc.

When I need to recommend a solution for URL redirection to my clients, I always go with EasyRedir. They've never let me down.

Bryce Easton Designer and Information Architect, Bryce Easton

I was on a film shoot in Glastonbury when I was told we needed a redirect. I found you guys, set it up sat in my car over dodgy 4g in a lay-by on the A303, and it was done.

Rob Llewellyn Director, Digital Spring Ltd.

I've set up several clients with EasyRedir over the years. They do exactly what I need, and the set up process is super simple. Their support has been top notch and I can't recommend them enough!

Marc Baskin Web Developer, Cardel Homes

EasyRedir allows us to focus on our core products without building and maintaining secondary services. It has all the core features we need (like SSL redirection and status checks) and has worked great for us.

Marinos Engineer, Parachute

We needed to redirect some domains to specific pages on our main site, and we didn't want to manage the infrastructure. EasyRedir has proven to be a great solution for this and we highly recommend them!

Darby Frey Director of Platform Engineering, Belly

The EasyRedir team was extremely helpful in getting us set up. We had dedicated help and clear guidelines to get things sorted.

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Paul Smith Product Support Team Lead, William Reed

Using EasyRedir allowed us to ditch our more complex internal solution and made it possible for our less tech-savvy colleagues to set up and manage redirections -- and migration from our internal solution was a breeze.

Michal Kebrt Director of Engineering, Memsource

EasyRedir came in at the right time to support new requirements we had from clients. They are dependable and easy to work with for fast and reliable URL redirects. We are delighted to work with them.

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Monique Blough Global Program Director, BlackSquare

Working with EasyRedir was a simple and reliable way to keep our existing backlinks and traffic when we moved our website over to the HubSpot platform.

Patrick Pistor Marketing Manager, SitePro

EasyRedir provides a clear and easy to use interface that anyone can use. Even my mother would understand how to do it! It works like a charm, and I am happy to refer EasyRedir.

Thomas van der Wel Owner, Kreatif Klub

We use EasyRedir quite extensively, and always find it simple to use. This was a great idea for a service, and it's been very reliable and useful for us here at Harvest.

Warwick Poole Operations Team Lead, Harvest

We were looking for an HTTPS redirect solution requiring an SSL certificate. EasyRedir provided timely one on one service support to get us up and running quickly.

Hiep Doan Head of Architecture, Visionarity

EasyRedir is one of the most useful tools I have found anywhere in the last decade. It has made a huge change for how we manage redirects and significantly reduced our costs.

Michael Steiner Domain Management, AXA Switzerland

I needed to forward some HTTPS URLs, and my DNS provider was too expensive and complicated. EasyRedir was easy to set up, responsive to my questions, and the service works seamlessly - at an affordable price point. I am very pleased with EasyRedir!

Brian Couch Systems Engineer, Fusion

EasyRedir allowed us to focus on our business priorities instead of getting distracted building technology for non-core tasks. It's easily worth the cost.

Martin Howell CTO, CareMonkey

We searched for ages for a simple solution to our domain redirection needs, and finally found it with EasyRedir. To borrow someone else's tag line 'it does exactly what it says on the tin'. No fuss, just quick and reliable.

Martyn Baker Manager, ICT & IM, VicHealth

The UI of EasyRedir is brilliant! It’s very clear and easy to understand, making it simple to share projects or tasks with our team members. We had a number of smaller domains that we wanted to migrate to our main site and EasyRedir made this a seamless process.

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Mary Plunkett SEO Specialist, Ding

I evaluated several URL redirection services until I found EasyRedir. EasyRedir offers me the exact features I need for a robust yet simple to configure redirection service. Onboarding and support are top notch. I am a happy customer.

Sardjono Insani AVP Interactive Media Technology, Mediacorp

EasyRedir lives up to its name, and then some! It lets us turn long and inconsistent URLs into concise and memorable ones. Who knew web redirects could be delightful?

Alex Gorischek Technologist, Textile Seattle

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“We needed a solution to manage thousands of redirects across all of our global site migrations. EasyRedir made this extremely manageable and we're happy to partner with them.”
Esta Pinto Head of Global SEO and Content Marketing, Berlitz Corporation
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