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About William Reed Business Media

William Reed has been providing market-leading business information for 150 years. The markets they serve are central to everyone’s life and include food and beverage, manufacturing, retail, wholesale and hospitality, and pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. William Reed is committed to providing accurate information and insight that their customers and communities rely on. By partnering with EasyRedir, William Reed has been able to expand their IT capabilities and not have to worry about the increased overhead.

The EasyRedir team was extremely helpful in getting us set up. We had dedicated help and clear guidelines to get things sorted.

Paul Smith Product Support Team Lead, William Reed Business Media

The Challenge

William Reed has a progressive information technology team that trusts EasyRedir to manage their critical redirection infrastructure along with SSL certificate provisioning and renewal for their redirects. “We were spending like there was no tomorrow on SSL certificates and were cherry picking only the important ones. All our redirects are now available via HTTPS, and we have not had to buy or manage the SSL certificates for every domain.” said Paul Smith, Product Support Team Lead for William Reed.

William Reed needed to set up and analyze their redirects by both IT and Marketing teams. They were looking to consolidate thousands of redirects into one location where both teams could have a centralized view that was easy to understand. As Paul Smith, Product Support Team Lead at William Reed states, “We had virtually no centralized view of analytics for our redirect traffic, and it was not something we ever thought we needed. EasyRedir released a new dashboard recently, full of useful reporting, and as a result we actually found a few holes in our strategy which have now been plugged.”

The Result

William Reed was managing over 1,000 domains across their business units and legacy solutions which was creating an increased technical cost that was alarming. They were looking for a URL management solution that would help manage their technical resources, improve SEO, enable easy and cost efficient management of SSL certificates and show analysis of how these redirects are performing. This is all now possible with their custom Enterprise account with EasyRedir.