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About BlackSquare

BlackSquare is headquartered in Calgary, Canada, with additional offices Sydney, Australia. BlackSquare’s business lines include enterprise, alcohol focused ecommerce (B2B), the WineCollective group of companies (B2C), logistics and distribution services (B2B), and Global Wine Database, a big data play for the global wine industry.

EasyRedir came in at the right time to support new requirements we had from clients. They are dependable and easy to work with for fast and reliable URL redirects. We are delighted to work with them.

Monique Blough Global Program Director, BlackSquare

The Challenge

BlackSquare was going through an infrastructure change in order to best service their numerous clients, which meant they needed to to do a lot of URL redirection in a safe and secure way. As cyber security is extremely important to BlackSquare and their customers, they searched for a URL redirection service that they could trust and that was professional, business focused, and easy to set up.

BlackSquare also needed to manage numerous SSL certificates, which they had previously been doing manually. These tasks were not only time consuming, they were also expensive. The automatic SSL certificates provided by EasyRedir saved them both labour and out-of-pocket expenses allowing them to focus on other critical aspects of their business.

The Result

EasyRedir provided BlackSquare with a reliable, scalable, and stable solution. BlackSquare was able to set up redirects for themselves and their clients as part of their website migrations. Their clients had links indexed by Google that needed HTTPS, and EasyRedir’s ability to automatically provision and renew SSL certificates through Let’s Encrypt was a huge bonus. This, in combination with the security benefits of HTTPS for ecommerce sites, makes EasyRedir and BlackSquare a sucessful and easy partnership.