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About Ding

Ding is the world’s largest provider of international mobile top-ups, supplying over 400 mobile carriers in 130 countries. Ding employs a team of 200 and is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland with regional offices in Miami, Dubai, Barcelona, San Salvador, Bucharest and Dhaka. SEO presence and online support management are crucial to Ding’s success.

The UI of EasyRedir is brilliant! It’s very clear and easy to understand, making it simple to share projects or tasks with our team members. We had a number of smaller domains that we wanted to migrate to our main site and EasyRedir made this a seamless process.

Mary Plunkett SEO Specialist, Ding

The Challenge

When Ding was looking for a solution to migrate smaller, country and market-specific brands under the Ding brand they searched for a business-focused, professional service. In order to consolidate a number of websites and subdomains into one domain, multiple lists of 301 permanent redirects were created, which required input from the SEO, IT and Web Development teams at Ding. Mary Plunkett, SEO Specialist at Ding says, “Using EasyRedir made this process so much faster and more simple and gave everyone involved in the projects visibility on our redirections.”

Ding also wanted to ensure a smooth transition for their users, to guarantee that link equity was maintained, and to keep their Google ranking. By using 301 permanent redirects with EasyRedir, they were able to pass link equity to the new page, which is not the case with temporary 302 redirects. Being able to pass on the SEO power from one domain to the new website has provided strength in the new domain’s authority to search engines.

The Result

EasyRedir was the first solution that Ding found online, and has been the only solution needed due to its simplicity, reliability, and effective management of IT and marketing team resources. EasyRedir has supported the Ding team in achieving great results. EasyRedir is happy to partner with Ding to help them meet project deadlines, budgets, and to maintain their hard earned SEO.