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About WOW air

WOW air is a low-fare, long-haul airline based in Iceland. The airline has been scheduling flights since 2012 and serves 33 destinations across North America, Europe and Asia.

We were looking for a partner we could rely on to be a part of our business-critical infrastructure. EasyRedir does exactly what they say, and we can count on them to deliver.

Kristjan Thorvaldsson CTO, WOW air

The Challenge

WOW air is committed to providing the most affordable flights to and from Iceland and across the Atlantic, while providing memorable service along the way. This starts with their online presence. WOW labs is the development and Information Technology (IT) team for the airline that makes the process of online booking highly efficient and cutting edge.

EasyRedir and WOW air both place high value on customer service and reliability. WOW air has expanded to a global market of customers, and wanted to use their country specific top-level domains (TLDs) to feed request criteria to their main booking engine. This enables WOW air to “pre-populate” some of the data their booking site uses to return results. As a result, the customers experience is improved by making it easier and faster for them to find the information they’re looking for.

Kristjan Thorvaldsson, CTO at WOW air, previously managed their own infrastructure for WOW air’s URL redirects which was expensive and time consuming. This also meant that only a sophisticated IT team could manage it. WOW air was looking to manage costs more effectively, and to maintain their SEO rankings.

The Result

Kristjan found EasyRedir to be a great solution for their problem. He explains, “EasyRedir reliably handles hundreds of redirects easily and quickly through a simple to use dashboard, rather than through a command line interface.” Using EasyRedir, WOW air was able to effectively manage project deadlines and costs, and enable a reliable, scalable and user friendly system to manage redirects. Today, WOW air uses EasyRedir to manage hundreds of redirects, quickly. EasyRedir plays a crucial part of WOW air’s booking infrastructure where reliability is extremely important in WOWing their customers.