Information Technology

Save your IT team the time, money and hassle of managing URL redirects in-house. We’ll always be on top of the latest URL redirection requirements, including automatic SSL certificate management and analytics.

Marketing Teams

Empower your marketing team to redirect traffic from branded domains and links to targeted campaign content on your main website or hosted by third-party services. You can manage redirects yourself from our easy-to-use dashboard, without needing to engage your IT team. Our analytics engine also enables you to assess campaign performance.


Full-service, social media and other creative agencies can use our redirect service to deliver all sorts of marketing and communications projects. Our dashboard and analytics give you easy-to-use new tools that help keep you focused on your core business.


Startups have a million things to do that can pull them away from their core business execution. Our service gives them fast, easy-to-use URL redirection tools that help them stay focused on defining, building and scaling their organizations – instead of managing non-core infrastructure.

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