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Amplifying the impact of purpose-driven organizations

A provider of technology solutions for nonprofit and charitable organizations, Ministry Brands’ platform connects tens of thousands of purpose-driven organizations across the globe to their communities and teams.

The company provides technology for administration, planning, accounting and finance. Its solutions also include fundraising, events, payments and websites.

EasyRedir instantly became a critical part of our company's infrastructure, tying itself directly into our revenue application stack.

Wesley Kirkland
Wesley KirklandSenior Cloud Engineer, Ministry Brands

With 3x growth in the pipeline, Ministry Brands needed to act fast

In 2017, Ministry Brands had only a few team members dedicated to managing its infrastructure.

And the workload was vast.

Ministry Brands' team was tasked with managing thousands of redirects across several DNS registrars, with minimal control and functionality. This made for an arduous task handling, editing and securing the URL redirection needs for more than 50 white-label clients across more than 25 applications.

As many of our clients’ redirects were .net and .org pointing to their .com counterparts, or simple domain apex to www subdomain redirects, they all required SSL certificates for securing the source hostnames. Their DNS provider’s basic redirect function couldn’t automatically provision and renew SSL certificates at scale, so they needed an alternate solution that met their infrastructure requirements for performance, security and reliability.

Compounding all that, Ministry Brands was blocked on a planned end-of-life for some of their infrastructure because each of their customers had their own path on the URL for the old infrastructure. They needed a way to ensure their customers could seamlessly access the new system without disruption.

Our client was anticipating 3x growth, and needed a turnkey solution that could be implemented right away.

That’s when they contacted EasyRedir.

EasyRedir has taken suggestions and collaboratively discussed them to understand both the need and ideal solution. We see EasyRedir not just as a vendor, but as a true partner.

Jon Knight
Jon KnightSenior System Engineer, Ministry Brands

Simpler, faster, more secure

Ministry Brands deployed EasyRedir in 2017 and has never looked back.

By moving to EasyRedir, the company was able to manage its redirects more effectively and efficiently. The ease-of-use and consolidation of disparate redirects into a single service helped streamline the workload, while the enhanced functionality enabled Ministry Brands' team to offer more value to their clients than ever before.

EasyRedir manages thousands of our client’s hostnames across hundreds of redirect destinations for multiple departments within the organization. Ministry Brand’s team can automatically provision and manage SSL certificates directly within EasyRedir and save tens of thousands of dollars at the same time. Plus, due to the high performance of EasyRedir’s infrastructure, redirect latency is never a concern and firing up a new secure redirect can be done in seconds.

To address its Google Cloud infrastructure challenges, Ministry Brands also used EasyRedir to add redirects for their affected clients and enable path forwarding to ensure the traffic was unaffected, and the migration could happen seamlessly.

The EasyRedir team has been responsive and a pleasure to deal with. They have customized an enterprise solution fit for our needs, and the result has been superb. We happily recommend EasyRedir.

Andre Alves
Andre AlvesDirector of IT Service Management, Ministry Brands

Ministry Brands and EasyRedir are growing together

Ministry Brands had delivered a huge win, but wanted to take redirection management to the next level and integrate the ability to create, modify, and delete redirects in their own custom-built internal solution.

So we made it happen for them.

Our client was one of the first companies in the world to integrate its solution with EasyRedir’s custom API. Jon Knight, Senior System Engineer at Ministry Brands, developed a Software Development Kit (SDK) to integrate EasyRedir’s API into the company’s internal dashboard, which made creating redirects quicker and easier. Not only that, Ministry Brand's team reduced the complexity of its work, eliminated errors in copying records, and now have to do much less clicking around to get the seamless outcomes they wanted.

Over the years, Ministry Brands has continued to find new use cases for EasyRedir’s fully-featured URL redirection engine to help them solve a host of infrastructure and web traffic challenges.

And our relationship with their team has only deepened.

In fact, we’ve built a true partnership with our client, not just handling their enterprise-level redirect needs and providing counsel and support, but actually shaping our own product roadmap in response to their excellent suggestions and requests.

Constructive, ongoing partnerships with committed clients is why we’re in business. It’s also how we’ve established EasyRedir as the world’s leading URL redirection service.

EasyRedir’s server infrastructure speed is extremely fast! We can do major website SSL changes in the middle of the day, without any disruption.

Wesley Kirkland
Wesley KirklandSenior Cloud Engineer, Ministry Brands