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Organizations often purchase software from different vendors in order to obtain the best application available for each purpose. For example, a company may purchase the best human resources package from one vendor, and the best accounting package from another vendor, rather than purchasing a single product that does both jobs, but not quite as well. Using a best-of-breed approach for your organization’s link management needs can save your business time and money. Each service provider has different strengths and weaknesses depending on what your company requires. There are more and more providers to choose from all the time, so once you have narrowed down what service level your organization needs, it is important to consider how each options user-experience, flexibility, and cost effectiveness can benefit your bottom line.

Service Level

When looking for the best URL redirection service for your organization you first must consider what your company needs. Do you require custom or branded domains, the ability to change the target URL, private click analytics, or support for HTTPs? No company does it all perfectly, so it is important to check that the features you need are available from the provider you choose. For example, Bitly is the grand-daddy of URL redirection services, made famous as the original URL shortener for Twitter. Bitly offers a number of detailed features for shortening URLs, as does Google link shortener (goo.gl), but click analytics are often public unless you’re on a paid plan. Recently, Google has announced that it will be shutting down it’s shortening service to focus on the more app-centric Firebase Dynamic Links which will allow you to send users to locations within iOS, android or web applications.

Rebrandly offers a number of services and the ease of being managed in a single place. If you are tired of managing SSL certificates, make sure your provider offers automatic HTTPS to reduce labour and out-of-pocket costs. EasyRedir is a leader in auto provisioning and renewal of SSL certificates for your redirects. All URL shorteners and redirection services have their advantages and disadvantages when it comes to the features available at different price points, so double check before you make your purchase.

User Experience

Once you have determined which companies can provide the services you require, you must also consider the level of customer service you expect. Rebrandly offers the simplicity of creating and managing your domains in a single place with a very accessible user interface. Bitly and EasyRedir both offer enterprise products, that provide white-glove treatment, but if you are more technically savvy you may be looking for a product that you are able to manage on your own. In addition to the high-end customer service of the enterprise products, here at EasyRedir we take pride in our simple user interface, available at all service levels, allowing anyone in your organization to manage your URL redirection and link shortening needs. Other web server specific methods such as .HTACCESS can achieve the same outcomes, but the user experience is very technical and cumbersome, and usually requires IT staff to manage the redirection and the SSL certificates. Make sure when you are selecting your URL redirection service provider that you are comfortable with the interface you will be using, and the level of customer service you receive with your purchase.


Choosing the right URL shortening and redirection service should not only simplify your company’s current link management needs, it should also allow you the freedom to make necessary changes in the future. Many of the reputable services we have been discussing above offer the simplicity of purchasing, shortening, and managing domains in a single place, but they lack the flexibility you may require. Buying and managing your domains in one place can you save time now, but depending on your needs, you may want a more flexible approach. One of the advantages EasyRedir provides is the ability to bring your own domains (including any shortened URLs) to our service. This allows you to create greater branding capability in that you can generate your own slugs, rather than having them generated for you. Try to consider what your organization’s current needs are, as well as what you might want in the future, so you don’t make a simple choice now that might make things complicated later.

Cost Effectiveness

Most URL shortening and domain redirection services offer competitive pricing with multiple levels to ensure that organizations of all sizes can get the products they need within their budget. Providers like Bitly offer free versions that will meet the needs of some, but it can quickly become quite expensive to get even some of their key features. All pricing structures are a little bit different, so double check that the service, experience, and flexibility you need are included in the product you are purchasing.

Using a best-of-breed approach to selecting your organization’s link management service can ensure you are getting a product that meets your specific requirements, expectations, and budget. If you are looking for an easy, flexible, and professional solution for your URL redirection needs, EasyRedir can help. Check out our plans, learn more about our service and sign up for a free EasyRedir trial today.

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