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CALGARY, Febuary 10, 2021 — EasyRedir, the world’s leading enterprise URL redirection service, announces the general availability of their URL redirector API. The API enables IT departments, web developers and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to seamlessly integrate EasyRedir’s best-of-breed URL redirector engine into their custom business solutions.

EasyRedir was created out of the desire to give web developers and website managers an easy, consistent way to manage URL redirects and an API is the logical evolution of that goal. Regardless of the type of solution it’s incorporated with, the API delivers a secure connection to EasyRedir’s backend allowing integrators to build a seamless experience for their users without ever having to leave their existing systems.

“If you’re hoping to use EasyRedir to execute campaigns, migrate a website or secure e-commerce traffic, the API now gives our customers a new way to engage with our powerful redirection engine” explained William Richards, CEO of EasyRedir. “We’ve built an API we as software developers would want to use; fast, secure and streamlined for ease of deployment in a custom application.”

Designed with the developer in mind, the URL redirection API is available on all plans and features team scoped credentials, support for idempotent requests and cursor-based pagination for lightning fast responses no matter how many records you have. The EasyRedir API is organized around REST, with predictable resource-oriented URLs and returns JSON-encoded responses to ensure ease of integration. The use of standard HTTP response codes, authentication, and verbs enables developers and integrators to use any standardized tools they are most comfortable with, to take full advantage of everything EasyRedir delivers around URL redirection.

About EasyRedir

EasyRedir is a URL redirection service that enables businesses to easily direct web traffic to where they need it, so customers and stakeholders can access their valuable online content and services. EasyRedir has extensive experience in large enterprise systems design and development and caters to all businesses with an online presence. The EasyRedir team includes experts in cloud software architecture and development, product design, DevOps, sales, and finance. EasyRedir also has a strong support team and a network of specialists ready to assist you with your URL redirection needs.

www.easyredir.com | @EasyRedir

For more information, visit www.easyredir.com

Media Contact

Christian Keon
VP Marketing, EasyRedir
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