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Whether you’re a marketing professional or business owner, you may feel overwhelmed with all the competing information on how to get traffic to your website. From SEO best practices to all the types of advertising that exist, the sheer number of ways to attract site visitors can make it difficult to devise a solid marketing plan, especially if you have limited time on your hands. Instead of working your way through exhaustive lists from all the well-meaning marketing experts out there, here are five of the easiest methods of increasing traffic to use as your baseline strategy.

1. Invest in Paid Advertising

Put simply, paid advertising is the process of buying web traffic with online ads. From paid search to display advertising, there are various types of advertising out there and each of them carries its own benefits in attracting visitors and building your brand. Two of the most popular paid advertising avenues include display ads and paid search.

Display Ads

If you’re wondering what display ads are, simply navigate to any website and look for the banner, button, video or other rich media asking you to click and buy something. There’s a reason display ads are among the most popular paid advertising methods, especially ads run by Google Display Network. Their ads appear across over two million websites, 650,000 apps, and 65 percent of comScore’s top 100 sites. Other display ads include those found on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media sites.

Paid Search

An inexpensive and scalable method of advertising, paid search connects ads with searchers actively seeking what you provide. These include pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, which enable businesses to place ads in a search engine’s sponsored links section to be found when web users search keywords related to their business. Businesses then pay the search engine a small fee for each click. While it may seem like all those clicks will add up, the ROI for such clicks is high considering users are likely looking for the exact thing your business offers. The importance lies in using the right keywords in your ad, preferably long-tail keywords that will reflect the specific search queries from the user. For a breakdown of how to best implement a paid search campaign, check out this advice from WordStream.

2. Create Killer Content

Some of the most popular websites attract visitors by creating excellent content visitors look forward to seeing. Beyond writing blog posts, there are so many types of content you can offer your website visitors and share on your social media sites. These range from educational infographics to hilarious memes to product reviews and beyond. If you don’t know where to start in terms of creating content, heed HubSpot’s advice to identify your buyer persona first, which allows you to figure out who your audience is and what they want.

3. Focus on On-Page SEO

Once you’ve created the content, don’t just depend on word of mouth to attract visitors. Let SEO work its magic. Optimizing your content for SEO is a valuable practice that can boost traffic upwards of 600 percent in as little as 24 months. From internal links to meta descriptions, there are so many ways to improve search traffic and boost rankings. Your on-page SEO checklist should include:

4. Develop a Social Strategy

Like optimizing your content for SEO, developing a social media strategy is another proactive method of attracting visitors to your site. On Twitter, you can create succinct content and share links to your site, whereas Instagram and Pinterest will help you appeal to potential customers with image-driven content. Even more, appealing to social media influencers can make a drastic difference in how much traffic you earn to your site. Check out this guide on how to build a social media strategy from scratch.

5. Redirect URLs

Ninety-three percent of Google-owned traffic is based on HTTPS sites. While it may have been difficult to migrate a site from HTTP to HTTPS in the past, technology has evolved to accommodate this need and the result is a spike in traffic and brand trust. After all, Google rewards sites for implementing encryption, so a redirected HTTP site naturally brings your site closer to the top of search results, ready to be found by potential visitors. URL redirects can also be beneficial for offline marketing campaigns and embedded links. To learn how EasyRedir can help boost your website traffic with secure URL redirects, head to EasyRedir.com.

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