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How Do QR Codes Work?

QR codes have dipped in and out of the mainstream since they were invented in 1994 but have had a massive resurgence over the last 2 years. What started in the manufacturing industry to track products has changed to adapt to the new age of technology and access. QR codes in 2022 have evolved along with technology and are currently being used to amplify marketing campaigns, create global & local access, simplify data sharing, create express customer purchase opportunities, and more. Mobile operating systems like iOS and Android have added native functionality that enables users to easily scan codes and be taken directly to the online content, which makes them extremely easy to use.

Do People Still Use QR Codes in 2022?

QR code usage has continued to increase every year, driven notably by their use throughout Asia and increase in most countries as of recent. The COVID-19 pandemic has further boosted their penetration as businesses look for ways to minimize the physical touch-points and cater to the new norm of online information. These contactless interactions, such as supplying restaurant customers with menus, enable customers to use their mobile device to facilitate a variety of interactions with the business. We expect to continue to see a trend towards increase in QR code usage for 2022.

QR Codes and Ecommerce

Online purchasing is one of the most effective applications for QR codes. More and more ecommerce providers are enabling their technology to function well with QR codes allowing them to create new purchase opportunities with easy access. Essentially a user scans the product or coupon QR code and will automatically be redirected to the specific product page online to continue the product journey.

Shopify is one ecommerce provider in particular that has branded Shopcodes specifically for their users. Using a QR code service or generator also allows you to include redirects to pages that have discounts for customers. That is, if they go to the site on their own they see one price, but if they use the QR code link, they see a discounted price. Using QR codes for ecommerce also benefits your company’s analytics and tracking by measuring where your customers are coming from and how they are buying.

QR Codes and Marketing

To me, this is the part that’s the most interesting because it creates considerable opportunity! Now more than ever before, marketers can leverage QR codes as part of a complex omnichannel strategy with measurable outcomes. Being able to measure your non-traditional marketing efforts with QR codes will help your team better evaluate marketing ROI. Slap these codes on merchandise for more information, in brick and mortar stores for email and loyalty program signups, on your packaging with remarketing messages and coupons. A now near universally simple way to connect and communicate with an engaged audience of customers.

QR code generators make it easy to use the same QR codes for marketing campaigns and amend the content that you want your audience to see when you want them to see it - creating a truly omnichannel experience. This way you no longer have to continually change your marketing campaigns and printed materials to reflect new codes. Since QR codes can be difficult to change because they are embedded links, choose codes yourself or through a QR generator, and amend the destination content, via redirect, for your audience when appropriate. Now the control is in your hands. Setting up fixed URLs on QR codes and pointing them to the correct web page that you want your audience to see needs to be a part of your marketing strategy in 2022 and beyond.

Why Your QR Code Needs a URL Redirection Service

The content of a QR code cannot be amended once printed, so it is important to use URL redirection to ensure customers arrive and consume the content you want them to. Similarly for the codes on all the packages/posters/etc. that have already been shipped, it is important to point the QR code to your own domain name, have that managed by a reputable URL redirection service, and redirect the traffic to wherever you want the customer to end up. Some URL redirection services even offer QR code generators that point to a specific URL which can then be managed and redirected easily and efficiently.

QR codes can be an asset for your business whether for ecommerce, marketing collateral, information sharing, or to manage hard to change links and ensure your omnichannel marketing budget remains on track. With EasyRedir you can carefully plan in order to generate QR codes and strategically redirect your customers with ease. See how EasyRedir can work for you. Check out our plans and sign up for a free EasyRedir trial today.

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