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Most people who need to redirect URLs do not think about it until they absolutely need it, and often, that need is a massive task. When do IT and marketing professionals need URL redirection? Here are some instances:

Website Migrations

Are you moving your website to a new domain? Or overhauling your current one? Chances are, you may have some valuable links and content as well as SEO power built into them. You may have also accumulated vast amounts of content that you need to move over to your new website.

URL redirection can be quite the undertaking in this instance. Therefore, easy and scalable URL redirection can be a valuable tool for this. The idea for EasyRedir was born when founder William Richards was delivering a new website for a client and he needed to have several brand specific domains redirected to the relevant pages on their new website – and of course it had to be completed as fast as possible. No services could be found that were easy, fast, and reliable enough to meet his needs. Now, EasyRedir can solve this problem.

Brand Management

Does your company have products with names that might be more recognizable to current and potential customers? Manage your brand by buying URLs that you can associate with your company and then redirect them to your website. URL redirection ensures that you are capturing all of the traffic you may be missing out on because they are searching for your products, but not finding you by name.

You can also pre-empt issues down the road with losing out on domains that you need, and having to pay considerable amounts of money to get them back. Avoid domain name squatters and redirect your traffic where it counts the most.

Marketing Campaigns

Want to capture new clients? Using dedicated URLs that are easy to remember is a great way to attract potential customers. Instead of using a long URL that may come with your product or sales page, redirect a short and catchy URL to the intended page on your website.

You can also add your dedicated URL to various marketing materials: print ads, digital ads, even printed materials, and update your target page whenever you need to during the cycle of your marketing campaign. You won’t have to worry about having a significant amount of collateral becoming out-of-date because the URL used on them isn’t current anymore.

Working on an app? There may be some links that you will need to update frequently. Instead of having to constantly contact your dev team to implement updates, and developers having to update links within the app’s code, you can use static URLs that can be redirected to new and updated pages at any time. Update your content without risking bugs.

If you find yourself in any of the situations above, we can help. Learn more about how EasyRedir can help you redirect URLs. Sign up for a free EasyRedir trial today.

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