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In marketing, it pays to be memorable. Whether it’s your company name, brand name, or even your URL, chances are, if it’s memorable, it leads to more business.

URLs can be great marketing tools. When companies embark on website projects, they may create marketing plans around the domain, the copy/content, and even the keywords. When you build a website, or add content that you want to share, the URL structure of your pages are not always the most user-friendly. Using a memorable URL can help drive traffic to specific areas of your website.

Often referred to as vanity URLs, custom URLs are used for branding and marketing purposes. Vanity URLs are valuable for redirecting visitors to content that you want to showcase at any given point. Here are some reasons to use vanity URLs:

Make a memorable URL

A catchy URL, like a catchy brand name, can easily attract customers and be retained in their memory. If they see the URL on an ad or a label for example, they can recall the URL and visit it the next time they are online, which leads them directly to the page you want them to visit.

Create a URL that’s easier to get to

The more pages your website has, the more likely it is that pages you want to direct traffic to are buried under layers of categories and subcategories. Let’s say you run an accounting firm. This time of year, you may want to advertise your tax services. Instead of sending readers to www.myaccountingfirm.com/services/personal-finance/tax-filing, which is really long and hard to type, you can create a shorter URL called tax.myaccountingfirm.com that redirects to the same page. Better still, consider purchasing a shorter domain name such as taxesnow.com which redirects to your long URL. This is not the same as using a URL shortener service, which only reduces the characters in your URL but does not make it readable or memorable.

Redirect your brand names to your company name

Some companies have brands or services that are more recognizable than their own company name. Secure the domains related to your company and redirect them to the relevant pages on your website. This promotes consistent branding for your company and helps ensure that you are capturing as much potential traffic as possible from users who are using different URLs or search terms to find you online.

Use dedicated URLs for your marketing collateral and promotional campaigns

Use dedicated, optimized URLs for your marketing collateral and promotional campaigns and then redirect the URL as you need to. Creating marketing collateral such as ads, postcards, and flyers can be costly. Simply adding your homepage URL does not always suffice. Instead, create a custom URL that you can continually use by redirecting them to updated content. One of our clients, Eurostar, uses a number of domains and URLs for promotional microsites and promotional material, which they redirect as needed.

Memorable marketing campaigns can be supported by simple and efficient URL redirection. Sign up for a free EasyRedir trial today to see how you can use URL redirection in your next marketing campaign.

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