Secure HTTPS Redirection

Easily manage URL redirection of HTTPS links with our automatically provisioned and renewed SSL certificates. Save the time and money of buying and deploying SSL certificates.


Systems Integration

Integrate EasyRedir's URL redirection engine directly into your existing systems with our class-leading API.

Link Analytics

Measure the traffic going through all of your links, including information about the location, device, referrer and pages requested by your visitors.

Website Migrations

Easily move from one domain or subdomain to another or consolidate multiple domains and subdomains into one. Preserve your link equity.

Offline Campaigns

Use short, memorable branded URLs for your offline marketing campaigns. Measure the performance of individual channels. Change the target webpage at any time.

Avoid Vendor Lock-In

Give your customers and employees a branded way to access your resources and redirect to your chosen vendors. You can change vendors and protect your SEO investments easily without re-training your audience.

Embedded Links

Use dedicated vanity URLs inside of embedded or hard-to-change places. Easy change the link target without expensive and time consuming redeployments.

Build Brand Equity

Strengthen your brand by using branded links for all your content. Your entire team can easily set up and change links with our easy-to-use interface. No IT team required.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Merge company websites and redirect content to support aggressive M&A close dates.

URL Shortener

Create dedicated, shortened versions of your domain name to redirect your audience to targeted content – and make changes anytime. Then assess impact with link analytics.

Alternate TLDs

Register alternate versions of your domain name on other top-level domains and redirect them to your main website. Build and protect your brand equity.

Ecommerce Links

Shorten your links on ecommerce sites like Shopify, Big Commerce and Magento. Share branded, memorable links to redirect your users to your websites.

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