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There are many ways that obtaining a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate, or using Transport Layer Security (TLS), can pay off for your website.

Using a secure server connection is a great way to make sure that your users are protected when they are on your website. Users of a website with an HTTPS connection are secured by encryption, which guards against prying eyes and also ensures your website content cannot be changed by others. This is particularly important if they are sharing private information such as personal data or payment details. HTTPS also shields your website from malicious attacks. Users will see that they are using the correct website – yours – and are able to ensure that they will not be spoofed by a fake website pretending to be yours in order to get their information, known as man-in-the-middle attacks.

Having an HTTPS domain also shows Google and other search engines that you value security – and they will reward you because of it. In 2014 Google formally announced that HTTPS has become a ranking signal in their search algorithms. The Web is moving increasingly towards a more widespread adoption of HTTPS. The non-profit Let’s Encrypt aims to make the Web 100% HTTPS. Many major websites such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Yahoo enabled HTTPS in the last few years, and WordPress has also enabled encryption for all of their custom Wordpress.com domains.

If your website currently uses HTTP, there is a chance that you have not captured all of the referral data from your website. That is because referral data is lost when traffic is sent from an HTTPS site, to an HTTP site. This traffic would instead show up as direct traffic. However, referral traffic to HTTPS sites, regardless if they come from HTTP or HTTPS websites, are preserved when the referred site uses HTTPS.

If you don’t think HTTPS encryption is necessary for your website right now, it may be in the future. Because of this, we recognize that being able to redirect an HTTPS URL is important for any website owner. At EasyRedir, all of our plans allow users to redirect to HTTPS target URLs – that could be third-party e-commerce websites, payment pages, or other similar pages that need encryption. With these redirects, users know that even though they have left your site, you are leading them to trusted and secure sites.

We are also the only provider in the market that offers HTTPS to HTTPS redirection. On supported plans, customers can redirect HTTPS sources to HTTPS targets – as long as they have an SSL and private key. With full HTTPS support, users of your website have a seamless, and always secured, transition through your redirects from beginning to end.

Do you have a website with an HTTPS URL that you have been planning on updating or migrating, but have delayed? Or have you decided against moving forward because URL redirection is too cumbersome and time-consuming? EasyRedir can provide the support you need whether it is partial or full HTTPS support.

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