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Calgary, Alberta - May 31, 2016 – Marketers, business owners, and site administrators can easily manage their URL redirects with EasyRedir. A URL redirection service, EasyRedir enables businesses to ensure their customers and stakeholders can access their valuable online content and services.

EasyRedir’s URL redirection lets organizations point URLs to specific web pages. The service is ideal for:

  • Brand management, especially when using third-party services such as e-commerce websites
  • Website migrations without sacrificing SEO
  • Marketing campaigns which may use specific wording on URLs
  • In-app links which change frequently but need the same URL
  • Replacing or outsourcing existing redirection infrastructure

The platform can be used by any organization to fulfill its URL redirection needs and gives site owners and administrators a quick and easy way to redirect URLs as long as they control the source domain. Initially pushed live by answering questions on Stack Overflow, Server Fault, and Quora, Founder and CEO William Richards, a software architect by trade, first came up with the idea and created EasyRedir in 2014 when he was delivering a new website for a client.

“In the final hours before launch, the client asked to have several brand specific domains redirected to the relevant pages on their new website,” said Richards. “I wanted to get this done as fast as possible, but there were no services that could help me which were easy, fast, and reliable enough to meet my needs. This is how the idea for EasyRedir was born.”

The service is powered by a proprietary redirection engine built on top of the latest scalable web technologies. The design separates all management functions from the systems that serve the redirects, which enables the service to easily operate and scale as they grow. Once set up, changes to redirects on EasyRedir take effect immediately.

“EasyRedir only does one thing, but it does it really well, with the minimum amount of complexity,” said Martyn Baker, ICT & IM Manager at VicHealth. “We searched for ages for a simple solution to our domain redirection needs, and finally found it with EasyRedir. No fuss, just quick and reliable.”

Since EasyRedir’s launch on ProductHunt in December 2015, revenue has grown by 562% and active customers have increased by 500%. EasyRedir offers packages for small to mid-size teams, agencies, and government and can also accommodate the needs of large enterprise.

EasyRedir has also started to add features to its URL redirection service as requested by customers. The team is now working on enabling redirection for secure HTTPS URLs - a feature not currently offered by other redirection services.

For more information about EasyRedir, visit www.easyredir.com.

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Arleigh Vasconcellos
The Agency
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William Richards
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About EasyRedir

EasyRedir is a URL redirection service that enables businesses to ensure their customers and stakeholders can access their valuable online content and services. It was created by William Richards, a serial entrepreneur with extensive experience in large enterprise systems design and development, and who has been building web based technology since the late 90s. EasyRedir offers site owners and administrators the ability to easily direct web traffic where they need it most. Find out more: www.easyredir.com | @EasyRedir

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